Red Wine

To Your Health:

The Cardiac Benefits Of Red Wine

wineNext time you lift a glass to someone’s health, consider pouring red wine. The health benefits of this age-old libation continue to be celebrated, even by the medical community.

Antioxidants By The Ounce

Red wine contains antioxidants such as flavanoids, which can help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of HDL (or “good”) cholesterol. Another compound found in red wine is a polyphenol called resveratrol, which is thought to prevent damage to blood vessels, reduce LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol, and even help prevent blood clots. Resveratrol actually comes from the skin of grapes used in making wine, and is also associated anti-inflammatory effects and cancer prevention. During the wine making process, the skin of the grape is fermented. The skin is fermented longer when making red wine than when making white wine. That’s what causes red wine’s color and the higher amount of resveratrol.

A Final Sip

A few words of caution: If you drink alcohol at all, make sure it’s in moderation. According to the American Heart Association, this amounts to one to two drinks per day for men, and one drink a day for women. Higher consumption can cause weight gain, increased blood pressure, and the risk of stroke, breast cancer, alcoholism, and accidents. To enjoy the benefits of red wine, it’s essential to drink responsibly.

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